Group Membership

Group memberships make sense for architecture, landscape, interiors, engineering or design related firms regardless of the number of professionals you employ. Your organization gets a great rate, and your employees enjoy the same benefits as individual memberships. Please contact our Membership Director to purchase via credit card or business check, coming soon in our online portal. When payment is confirmed, you will receive an email notification that the group membership has been activated.

· Your firm can provide an affordable membership benefit to your employees.  Both men and women can benefit from the local programming we provide
· Membership provides an outlet for networking to develop new contacts and potential business opportunities through networking and leadership opportunities
· AWA+D events help develop and hone professional, managerial, technical and creative skills through continuing education and mentorship opportunities
· Support your creative culture by exposing your team to local creative inspiration and stay up to date with local design related topics
· Meet and attract great new talent through networking and mentoring, increasing employee benefits and taking advantage of at least one complimentary job listing for your firm per year
· You are supporting women in the allied fields of architecture and design
$375 membership for a group of 5, which is $75 each ($20 savings per membership)
          Includes one complimentary job listing
$650 membership for a group of 10, which is $65 each ($30 savings per membership)
Includes one complimentary job listing
$1,100 membership for a group of 20, which is $55 each ($40 savings per membership)
Includes two complementary job listings
– Please note, memberships are nontransferable. If a group member leaves your employment during the group’s membership cycle, adding a new member to your group will require a $50 adjustment fee.

To purchase, please contact our Membership Director.